Livon Liposomal Vitamin C

On the off chance that we could just pick one of the numerous Livon liposomal Vitamin C benefits, it would be that it is more qualified to empowering your body to retain the Vitamin C you’re expending. You might ingest 50X the day by day stipend, however pills, powders, chewy candies — even entire sustenances — are poor methods for getting the ideal degrees of Vitamin C to your circulation system and cells. Here’s the reason.

Liposomal Vitamin C benefits you by empowering better retention

A significant part of the Vitamin C that you take orally never gets retained in your cells. Analysts have discovered no noteworthy distinction in blood and tissue Vitamin C focus between individuals who take 100mg and 2,000mg every day from oral enhancements. That discloses to us that super dosing through customary oral supplementation does not give your body the planned portion, as there is just a specific measure of Vitamin C that can be assimilated when it goes through the stomach related framework. In an investigation led by the National Institutes of Health, scientists found that a limit of 200mg of non-liposomal Vitamin C was retained at once. As various oral enhancements gloat a Vitamin C substance of 1,000mg that implies you’re just getting 20% of what you’re paying for.

On the side of liposomal Vitamin C benefits, analysts found in a recent report that liposomal Vitamin C gave more noteworthy circling convergences of Vitamin C than non-embodied structures. That implies liposomes get more Vitamin C into the circulatory system where it tends to be appropriately disseminated to the cells that need it, rather than essentially going through the stomach related framework.

Nutrient C’s job in your wellbeing is that of a cancer prevention agent, implying that it gives an electron to an electron-short free radical to kill it before the free radical can decimate a cell by taking its electron. When Vitamin C gives away its electron, its cell reinforcement properties are likewise killed. It’s sort of like a benevolent kamikaze. The issue is that Vitamin C doesn’t have the foggiest idea when to begin giving electrons. It might locate a free radical in your mouth or your digestive organs or even in the jug on the general store rack, and render itself pointless as a cancer prevention agent before it arrives at your cells.

Liposomal Vitamin C emulates our estimated missing capacity to combine Vitamin C

Presently, here’s the place it gets truly intriguing. Alongside primates and guinea pigs, people are the main other well evolved creature on Earth unequipped for making Vitamin C in the body. In any case, analysts state it wasn’t constantly similar to that. We’re feeling the loss of the chemical L-gulonolactone oxidize (GLO) expected to make Vitamin C from the glucose (sugar) in our blood. Interestingly, we have the quality in our DNA code that would empower us to make the GLO chemical. Our liver cells can’t decipher it. Specialists hypothesize that once, quite a while in the past, we created a lot of Vitamin C, yet a hereditary change prevented us from enacting the GLO protein.

Specialists observed what they accept to be proof for this hypothesis from early records of sailors. Scurvy, an extraordinary Vitamin C inadequacy, was normal among mariners who did not approach crisp foods grown from the ground during months, even years, adrift. However, a portion of these early deliver inhabitants did not encounter scurvy manifestations, persuading that the quality that empowers us to utilize the GLO catalyst is as yet present in certain individuals.

In the event that analysts are right that the base man had the option to blend Vitamin C, it would have happened in the liver. Liposomal Vitamin C benefits us by moving the substance all through the body, including the liver, similar to it conceivably was during the tracker gatherer time.

Liposomal Vitamin offers the extra advantages of basic phospholipids

It’s not just about the Vitamin C. When you take liposomal Vitamin C, you’re getting all the healthful advantages of the material involving the liposomes themselves. At Livon, we use phospholipids with a high grouping of phosphatidylcholine, which is a structure square of the majority of our cell structures. It’s what’s known as basic phospholipids, an unsaturated fat that our bodies can’t create alone so we have to get it from sustenance.

A huge number of studies have discovered heap advantages of polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine (the particular sort that we use at Livon). It’s been connected to advancing sound capacity of the liver and platelets. Made out of phospholipids, the cell layer resembles the canal that encompasses the château. In the event that it’s depleted of water, foes can lay attack on the palace. It’s a similar path with the cells. A harmed layer leaves the substance of the cells powerless. A relentless inventory of phospholipids can fill in the holes in the cell divider fortress.

Choline (the addition of that spelling honey bee winning word referenced above), which analysts have called “An Essential Nutrient for Public Health”, is basic for various real procedures and a great many people get path short of what they should.

Liposomal Vitamin C advantages are just acknowledged in obvious liposomal supplements

By taking Vitamin C epitomized in liposomes, you are getting the advantages of the liposome material itself just as its effective conveyance of basic supplements to our cells. To get all the liposomal Vitamin C benefits, ensure the Vitamin C supplement you are taking uses genuine liposomes. The Livon liposomal Vitamin C advantages depicted in this article just relate to the phosphatidylcholine-based liposomal Lypo-Spheric® conveyance framework that we licensed to embody our Vitamin C (and different cancer prevention agents) at LivOn Labs.

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