Livon Liposomal Vitamins

According to the advance technology, creative people are finding better and better ways to get nutrients to absorb into the human body. Nutrients are necessary because we as a society do not eat correctly in the first place and when you do not eat correctly it catches up to most of us and can cause disease. Vitamin C is crucial for health, although the human body cannot make its own and must obtain it from diet or supplements. Most of the people take vitamin C supplements as part of a strategy to improve collagen production, immunity, antioxidants, and general wellness. 

Liposomal vitamin C is a new development that contains the same active ingredient as regular vitamin C supplements, but with a specially designed delivery system. Liposomes are very small spherical particles with an outer layer made of fats similar to those in our cell membranes. Inside of every small sphere is protected by this bilayer and filled with water and vitamin C. According to the product’s proponents, this may allow liposomal vitamin C to fuse directly with cells in the gut, thereby allowing the vitamin C to be absorbed very fast and effectively. 

Better Absorption

Liposomal Vitamin C is designed to have better bioavailability, which means that most of the consumed vitamin C should be taken up into the body, the bloodstream and eventually tissues. Some of the liposomal drugs have been found to be absorbed significantly better than their conventional counterparts, though this new technology is not without drawbacks. 

According to the study, the bioavailability of conventional and liposomal vitamin C was almost twice that of conventional tablets, but less than intravenous injection. 



According to the majority level, liposomal has three components including: Vitamin C 

  • The Liposome
  • Sterile Water
  •  Vitamin C 

All these ingredients are recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration as more safe and non-toxic. The Exact Composition of the may vary between manufacturers, but most contain only these components or ingredients. 

Where the new liposomal is being developed with other natural components, such as medium-chain fatty acids. MCFAs may grant liposomal vitamin C a longer life.  

Conventional vitamin C tablets and powder, on the other hand, can contain numerous additional ingredients that help during the tablet-making process, such as fillers, lubricants (magnesium stearate), flavors, stabilizers, and silica. These are extensively considered safe in the quantities used in supplement manufacturing, but many people choose to avoid them.

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